Any prospective clients can talk to any or all of my clients. Here are just a couple of the testimonials from clients who gave a written reference for a future (and now current) client. You are welcome to talk to the people who wrote these testimonials too.

Daniel has managed my flat for a good few years now (over 4 years) and helped with the common parts of my own freehold (a Victorian 4 flat building). His key skills are: practical, quick, personable, technical. Examples as follows:


  • many contacts in the building industry and takes a practical approach to management eg he arranged for my flat to be refurbished making it fit for purpose and improving its appeal in a very cost effective way making practical suggestions eg use of electric cooker instead of gas (which helped greatly in the long run!)

  • he organised replacement of the kitchen, floors and lighting (like with like) quickly and replaced the bathroom ventilation to ensure no future damp problems ensue

  • he has relevant technical skills and organised the main door to be replaced with a fire door

  • he has good personal skills and has managed all my tenants and people in my freehold.

In my own freehold he has organised the following to be fixed: burst pipes, communal carpet, balcony leak repair and boiler replacement including wooden floors and other repairs. Overall, I think it is his practical, no nonsense, cost effective and personable approach that makes him an excellent and practical/reliable property manager.

I have been using Daniel as my rental property manager for nearly 4 years now.  I have rented my flat out since 2001 and have previously used 2 estate agents to manage it; one a small local agent, XXX, and the other was YYY, a large North London agent.  I had hoped using local agents would give me a reliable service as I currently live in Oxfordshire but have also been living in America and Singapore during this rental time so cannot, and could not, deal with issues in my property at all.  Sadly both agents let me down badly, particularly YYY who had persuaded me to take a lower rent for a “first class” tenant, who they then didn’t manage to collect rent from, didn’t proactively help evict him and, finally, failed to inspect the property when he departed. They only got around to inspecting it the actual day the new tenants were due to move in and they discovered he had left the place in a terrible state, leaving many of his belongings behind.  They were unable to even find someone to clear it out before the tenants were due to move in that evening and just left me high and dry. This is where my luck changed and Daniel took over.  What a difference!!!!  He stepped right in and saved the day and that is the manner in which he has been managing it ever since.  He responds to both me and the tenants almost immediately.  No problem is too much and he regularly checks to make sure the tenants are happy.  They feel looked after and I have 100% confidence in my property manager at last, something I thought was impossible!  If someone is needed to be there to deal with a serviceman and he makes sure he is there to ensure the problem is dealt with as swiftly as possible.  If I’ve needed new furniture or equipment he has selected something I am entirely happy with, checking first, unlike other agents who have co-erced me into paying for rubbish which needed replacing almost immediately and which I became convinced they were getting a cut for.  It’s no surprise that nowadays my tenants hang around for much longer than the average.