Flat management, the way it should be

I work very differently to the larger agencies

Reference checking. I have seen how slapdash many reference checking agencies are and I conduct my own. I don't take a 'one size fits all' approach, as I have seen how prospective tenants can so easily cheat but conversly found that good tenants can be rejected by agencies by being overly ridgid 

Tenant finding. It's a lot of responsibility finding tenants for my clients, and I take this seriously. I tend to advertise on Openrent and this gives me access to Rightmove and Zoopla. For flatshares I mainly use Spareroom.com

Problem sorting. With all tenancies there are problems on the way - boiler breakdowns, lights that need changing, the list is endless. I am on-hand for my tenants for whatever comes. 90% of problems can be solved easily - boiler pressure topping up, fuses blown, washing machine filters clearing out, but for those that cannot be solved easily, I will get contrators and meet them on-site

Flat-shares. Flat-shares are little communities, and when they go well, the returns are good, and the voids almost non-existant. But poorly managed and the community can fall apart. I am careful to work with the tenants to ensure they share with like-minded people who they love living with 

And the benefits?


Happier tenants mean fewer void periods. Lower repair costs. Just good business sense, the way it should be