Block management, the way it should be

I work very differently to the larger block management companies

Personal approach. I have a few clients that I look after very well. I don't think about "units" but clients, leaseholders, tenants and neighbours. All with their own individual needs and concerns. I only take on the few clients that I believe I can look after with passion 

One size does not fit all. Each of my clients is very different in the way I work with them - some are very hand-on and others just want me to just get on with it. Some keep more control of the finances and others less so. I don't have a standard approach

Strong financial management. I treat my clients' money as if it were my own. I take a line-by-line approach to managing the finances and believe that if you look after the pennies then the pounds will look after themselves. All of my clients will tell you that their costs have been brought down considerably. I will never take kick-backs from contractors or insurance brokers. 

One to one communication. I know all my leaseholders personally, I know the agents that manage the flats and the tenants who live there. I have an on-the-ground presence regularly and everybody knows me

Service charge collection. I take a similar approach with service charge collection. I ensure that I have the right contact details and am regularly in-touch with leaseholders, and therefore have I get very prompt payments and low default rate.