I've come to into property management from being a landlord

Until 2010 I worked in consumer research and strategy. First in a mangement consultancy and research agency, and then on the client-side for FMCG companies, latterly working for Danone UK

Whilst doing this, I was a part-time landlord, although I used agencies to find tenants and often to manage my flats.

At the end of 2010, I resigned my corporate job and followed my passion which was property - to build-up a small portfolio, some development and increase my profitability by renting out flat-shares, renting by room. I stopped using agents, and managed the flats myself.

Like many landlords, I put my tenants first and did everything possible to keep them happy, but this contrasts with the lack of care that the agencies were able to devote. Naturally, they treat the landlord and tenant like a business, to be managed in the most cost effective and efficient way, but this has a serious impact on the service they can provide. I hear so many awful stories of poor treatment by agents, and I contrast this with the incredible feedback I get from them, and the length of time that they stay. From a financial point of view, like many landlords, I was very close to my properties, I only called in contractor's when it's necessary and tried to do as much myself as I could. The agencies handled everything very differently, with buracratic proceses, faults took a long time to be recified adding time and cost.

Over time, I started to manage flats for other people - initially friends and family, but then unconnected people too.


By 2016 I started managing blocks too. The block management industry has an awful reputation, and I saw first-hand the terrible service I was getting. Freeholders move from one poorly performing agency to another. I have taken my passion for managing flats into blocks and estates and am able to make a demonstrable difference.


I have never lost a client